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Most Available Stock from Sellers The most available stock in the market

Innolux G070Y3-T01
Innolux, 800x480, 600 cd/m², 7 inch, TFT-LCD, 262K
1000 units
G084SN05 V9
AUO G084SN05 V9
AUO, 800x600, 450 cd/m², 8.4 inch, TFT-LCD, 262K
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Innolux G121X1-L03
Innolux, 1024x768, 600 cd/m², 12.1 inch, TFT-LCD, 262K
160 units
AUO G170ETN01.0
AUO, 1280x1024, 350 cd/m², 17 inch, TFT-LCD, 16700K
513 units
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Most Requested Stock by Buyers The most requested stock in the market

G065VN01 V2
AUO G065VN01 V2
AUO, 640x480, 800 cd/m², 6.5 inch, TFT-LCD, 262K
1031 units
Innolux G121X1-L04
Innolux, 1024x768, 500 cd/m², 12.1 inch, TFT-LCD, 262K
400 units
Innolux G150XGE-L05
Innolux, 1024x768, 250 cd/m², 15 inch, TFT-LCD, 262K
300 units
Innolux G104X1-L04
Innolux, 1024x768, 500 cd/m², 10.4 inch, TFT-LCD, 262K
300 units
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B2B Global Electronics Marketplace

Buy & Sell Overstock of: Electronic Components, Displays, Monitors, and IT Hardware is a Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketplace for Buying and Selling Excess of electronics such as Electronic Components, Display Panels, Display Monitors, and IT Hardware.

If you have Excess from canceled projects, overstock, out of warranty electronics, or slow-moving electronics inventory, our marketplace can find a new home for your electronics stock. marketplace is primarily used by Electronics Manufacturers (OEM/ODM/EMS), Electronic Component Distributors, LCD Distributors/Resellers, AV and IT Integrators, ITAD IT Asset Disposition companies, Online Retailers and Electronics Repair Centers. works with all electronics such as Open Frame Monitors, Commercial Digital Signage Monitors, High Brightness Sunlight Readable Displays, LCD Modules, LCD Touchscreens, Capacitive Multi-Touch PCAP, Resistive Touchscreen LCDs, LCD Kits, OLED Displays, STN displays, as well as Embedded PC parts such as Computer-on-Modules, Active Semiconductor IC Components, CPUs, Memory Chips and Modules, Solid State Drives (SSDs), Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), Passive Components, Antennas for Telemetry (M2M), Cellular 4G LTE 5G Wireless Modules, GPS WiFi Bluetooth Modules, Batteries, Power Supplies, as well as complete products such as Industrial PCs, Panel PCs, and Commercial Display Digital Signage Monitors.

Electronics in our marketplace are used in Automotive, Digital Signage & Advertising, Video Walls, ATMs, Medical Display Devices, Simulators, Handheld Meters, Rugged PC Computers, Embedded Systems, Gaming Casino Machines, Smartphones, Payment Point-of-Sale Kiosks, Restaurant Ordering Systems, Menu Boards, Military, Maritime & Naval Displays, Medical Monitors, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) and more.

Our Market Advantages

Short Lead Times, Significant Cost-Reductions and Shortage/EOL Solutions focuses on helping Manufacturers, Repair Centers and Electronic Distributors to Sell their electronics inventory, or to Buy electronics inventory in bulk volume. We specifically focus on electronics inventory that is Slow-Moving, Excess/Overstock, or from Canceled Projects. We move this inventory to a new home so that the original stock owner (Seller) recovers Capital on their electronic assets, all while providing the new stock owner (Buyer) a significant price advantage over existing market sources.

This provides a Win-Win solution for all parties as it balances the interests of all parties involved in the transactions. has a decade of knowledge in successfully assisting companies around the world through all phases of production:

  • Budget Planning
  • Custom Solutions
  • Prototype Samples
  • Pre-production/Pilot Runs
  • Mass-production
  • Shortage & EOL (End-of-Life Obsolescence)
  • Electronic Asset Capital Recovery (Excess, Overstock, Slow-moving Inventory)

Authenticity of Electronics

To protect Buyers of Electronics, all goods undergo (where applicable):

  • Detailed Visual Inspections (Most goods are factory original packaged & sealed)
  • Verified Sources (Sellers of electronics are verified to help ensure traceability)
  • Electrical Performance Testing (Displays that are in generic packaging are electrically tested)
  • Serial Authenticity Checks
  • 3rd Party Electronic Component Inspections (Industry-recognized Testing Houses are used to verify generic-packaged electronic components)